How are Urban Landings and Harbour's Edge in the same complex?


The other day while viewing my site stats I noticed an interesting search term brought a viewer to this blog. The term was: "how are harbour's edge and urban landings the same apartment complex". It's a very valid question that I thought I'd clear up. Many times on this site I have referred to the "Urban Edge" apartment project. But Urban Edge is actually a complex consisting of two seperate communities. One community is Urban Landings and the other is Harbour's Edge. These two names combine to give the project name "Urban Edge".

So why are there two apartment communities in the same complex?

The answer is actually pretty simple. One portion caters to the needs of seniors on fixed incomes while the other is more market driven. Harbour's Edge is an age restricted 55+ community with rents ranging from  $717 for a one bedroom/ one bathroom unit to $914 for a three bedroom/ two bathroom unit. Units range from 667  to 1093 square feet. Some amenities at Harbour's Edge include:

  • Community Amenities

  • Planned Resident Activities

  • Computer Training

  • Literacy Training

  • Health and Nutrition Classes

For more information on Harbour's Edge apartments visit: or call 855-523-9015.

Meanwhile, Urban Landings apartments charge more market driven rents which will range from $1399 to $1599 for two bedroom and three bedroom units, respectively. Units will be either 925 or 1093 square feet.

For more information on Urban Landings visit: or call 855-591-6758.

It's a great idea to mix two different demographics in the same apartment complex. Downtowns thrive on diversity, and I think the more people who live downtown the better it will get. The City of St.Petersburg should encourage more developments like the Urban Edge project.

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