Bicycles and Coffee Come Together as The Bikery Rides into St. Pete

Imagine sipping on a nitro coffee while shopping for a new bike or enjoying a pour over while admiring a vast collection of vintage racing bicycles.  The Bikery, a brand new haven for bicycle enthusiasts and coffee lovers is opening this week in St. Pete’s Grand Central District.  “The business is a 4 pronged approach,” says Taylor Norton, one of The Bikery’s managers. “You’ve got the coffee bar, bicycle service, bicycle sales and the fitting room.”  

As you walk into The Bikery, the coffee bar is situated front and center with a spacious cafe seating area to your right and the bicycle service center in the back.  Vintage bicycles canvas the walls around you like works of art.  Eventually, there will be placards, like what you’d see in a museum, detailing each bike’s fascinating history. 

“My dream is to be able to serve cyclists that are out for their ride,” says Taylor.  In fact, the Bikery encourages riders to park their bikes inside of the shop instead of having to worry about locking them up outside. This way, you can park your bike where you can see it, enjoy your coffee and maybe watch some bike races on the big screen.  The Bikery also plans on hosting community events such as group rides and a Tour de France party in July.

If you need a new set of wheels, The Bikery is St. Petersburg’s source for Moots, a brand of bicycles made in Steamboat Springs, Colorado that many consider one of the finest bicycles built anywhere in the world.  “Moots is a marquee brand.  All of the bikes are titanium and made by hand,” says Taylor.  Once deciding to purchase a bike, take a trip to the fitting room where The Bikery uses cameras and computer software from Cyclologic to determine the exact geometry of the bike you want to order.  Even if you aren’t buying a new bike, cyclists will also be able to fit the bike they already own.

The Bikery is just as much a coffee bar as it is a bike shop though.  The cafe will offer all of your usual espresso drinks, nitro coffee, and pour overs.  The bar will feature beans from three small-batch coffee roasters — Buddy Brew from Tampa, JBC Coffee Roasters from Madison, Wisconsin and Onyx Coffee Lab from Springdale, Arkansas.   Food will also be available and eventually Italian sodas and local beer will be on tap.

The Bikery is located at 2222 1st Avenue South, St. Petersburg, FL.  Their hours will be from 7am to 7pm Monday through Saturday with limited hours on Sunday.  For more information, like The Bikery on Facebook and Instagram.