Ice Cream and Booze Collide at Beans and Barlour, Coming to Downtown St Pete

I might be in trouble. Two of my favorite indulgences are about to make a head-on collision — ice cream and alcohol. In a first for Tampa Bay, a brand new craft coffee bar and dessert lounge is bringing alcohol-infused ice cream to Downtown St Pete’s Central Arts District.

Beans & Barlour (yes, Barlour) will be located at 538 1st Avenue North, flanked by St. Pete Brewing Company and Angelo’s Grill and Bar. The new restaurant concept is being brought to life by Story Stuart, former owner of Story Brooke Craft Coffee Bar in the Old Southeast, and business partner Steve Bliven.

“The food scene downtown is booming right now with new restaurants opening on what seems like a weekly basis,” says Stuart. “We saw a huge opportunity to compliment them with a dessert concept that is brand new to the Tampa Bay Area.” 

Beans & Barlour will offer at least ten scratch-made alcoholic ice cream flavors crafted after classic desserts and cocktails such as tiramisu with amaretto mascarpone ice cream layered with warm espresso-soaked ladyfingers or an Irish Car Bomb float featuring St Pete Brewing Company’s Imperial Stout poured over a whiskey and Irish cream infused ice cream.

Beans and Barlour will be located at 538 1st Avenue North, by St. Pete Brewing Company and Angelo’s Grill and Bar

The intoxicating ice cream trend started to take off in 2017 with the opening of Tipsy Scoop in Manhattan. Then a few months later, Austin Texas became the home of Prohibition Creamery. With a grand opening planned for early July, Downtown St. Pete will soon join the club with the introduction of Beans and Barlour.

So will these boozy scoops get you drunk? There is a good chance! Each scoop at Beans & Barlour will range for 7% to 12% alcohol by volume (ABV). In comparison, a Bud Light is 4.2% ABV. However, just like traditional alcoholic beverages, it depends on your body size, tolerance, and how much you’ve eaten that day. 

Still want to kick it up a notch? Beans & Barlour will also offer pour-overs of complimentary liquors ranging from 12% to 24% ABV.

In addition to coffees and desserts, Stuart is teaming up with the crew at St Pete Brewing Company to offer a variety of shareable food items such as a beer cheese fondue and other small plates.

Owner Story Stuart at her previous establishment, Story Brooke Craft Coffee Bar

Patrons of Stuart’s previous establishment, Story Brooke Craft Coffee Bar, will find many of their favorite signature creations on the new menu such as the crème brûlée cappuccino and a fresh new twist on her infamous waffles.

Beans & Barlour will be open from 7:30am to 10pm on weeknights and 8:30am to midnight on weekends.

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