The Blue Goose Bar Opening Early April in EDGE District


During the past year, over twenty businesses have opened in the blossoming EDGE District of downtown St. Petersburg.And in a few days, The Blue Goose will join Green Bench Brewing, The Amsterdam, The Bends, and more in what is becoming a new hub for nightlife.

“It started out as a whiskey bar.Now we are going to do craft cocktails and a good selection of beer. We are not going to be a whiskey bar, but we will have an above average selection of whiskey and scotch,” says Alex Gahhos, co-owner along with Dan Wing. Specialty drinks will run you around $7 to $10 and have names such as Good for the Goose, Good for the Gander, Fly South, Loosey Goosey, and Duck Duck.


Nestled next to the popular Engine No. 9 Burger Bar, the Blue Goose offers a laid-back atmosphere that feels akin to the Pacific Northwest.Edison lights, exposed brick walls, and taxidermy decorate the interior.Billiards, foosball, and large church pews encourage its patrons to bring friends and make new ones.The industrial vibe even extends to the bar’s name.According to Gahhos, “the fancy railroad car on a train that the management would ride in to feel important was known as the Blue Goose.”


The Blue Goose almost never saw the light of day though.Numerous times, people have tried to open a bar at this location, but have backed out due to the enormous amount of work that was required.“We gutted the place,” Wing said.“Brand new electric, brand new AC, and all new plumbing have been installed.We had to re-zone the property too.”Once the Blue Goose finally opens, it will have been a year and a half in the making.

Be sure to visit The Blue Goose when they open for business in early April. Until then, follow them on Facebook for updates and details on their opening.

The Blue Goose48 9th St North St Petersburg, FL 33705

Hours: 5pm - 3am Everyday