Pour Taproom to Bring 85 Self-Serve Taps to Downtown St. Pete

Up until a few years ago, Downtown St. Pete was rarely considered a hot spot for nightlife. It lacked the newness and youth of Tampa and was typically pretty quiet at night. But as we know, the St. Pete of today is much different than the St. Pete of the past. And as Downtown St. Pete has continued to grow with new restaurants, retail stores, and housing, so has its nightlife.

What was once a few bars scattered along Central Avenue and Beach Drive, has turned into multiple neighborhoods with distinct atmospheres serving unique beer and cocktail concoctions. In the core of downtown, with the recent openings of The Landing, The Copper Shaker, and The Estate, the nightlife options have continued to expand.

Pour Taproom wristband that tracks your consumption

Joining the scene is a new beer bar with a unique twist. Pour Taproom, which will open this December at 225 Second Avenue will introduce a “pay by the ounce” concept that has been seen in other cities, but not yet introduced in Downtown St. Pete (however a similar concept is used at Brewer's Tasting Room located 15 minutes from downtown on 4th St. N.). With this concept, you will be given a wristband tied to your credit card upon entering.  Sensors on the walls allow patrons to serve themselves beer straight from the 85 taps.  

Because customers pay by the ounce, not by the pint, you can sample a beer you've never had or decide to only pour half a pint if you're not in the mood for a full beer.  And with 85 taps, you’re bound to find a new favorite brew. Prices typically range between 20 and 90 cents per ounce.  At the end of the night, you will settle up with the cashier and return your wristband.

Pour taproom will be located at 225 sECOND AVENUE N

Pour taproom will be located at 225 sECOND AVENUE N

If you’re not into beer, you’re still in luck; they will also have food provided by a neighboring restaurant along with games and outdoor bocce ball courts.

Pour Taproom will open in a newly renovated building situated at 2nd Avenue N and 2nd Street North which is located across the street from Sundial. They will join 2nd & Second, a 24-hour diner, along with J9Shoes, and an omaskase sushi restaurant all opening soon in the renovated building.

For more information, visit Pour Taproom’s Facebook page.