Mirror Lake Renovations Complete


     What was once St.Petersburg's main source for fresh drinking water, Mirror Lake, has served as lakeside retreat on the northern side of downtown for decades. However, over the past few years it has gone unappreciated leading it to be underutilized.

     In 2012 the City of St.Petersburg took action and developed plans to invest nearly a half million dollars to renovate and revitalize the Mirror Lake Park. By widening and enhancing the sidewalk the lake is now surrounded by a unified trail that gives stunning views of Downtown St. Petersburg and Mirror Lake's wildlife. In March most of the renovation were completed.

Among the enhancements are increased signage that echoes the Art Deco era- most notably on the lake's northwestern corner. The sidewalks also now feature paths that venture closer to the waters edge which is a cool change from the usual path a few feet from the street. A 2013 article from ilovetheburg.com goes into the renovations in more detail- so if you're interested in the specifics you should check that out.

Mirror Lake is close to a few new residential developments including The Portland Apartments and City Place Senior Apartments. While these are two of the closer new developments near the park, it is an asset to all of downtown.

I recently walked around Mirror Lake around midday and was pleasantly surprised to see how clean and up kept it was. Let's hope this peaceful retreat on the northern side of downtown is kept in pristine condition.

Let me share some pictures:

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